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Miles ([personal profile] loki_of_sassgaard) wrote2016-03-29 05:26 am
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Robin Hood is so annoyed with me right now

I haven’t been doing any shopping lately, on account of everything else going on right now, so pickings in the house are kind of scarce.  Robin Hood was grumbling about being hungry, and eating all my snacks, so I told him to make dinner.  He didn’t want to, on account of there not being much in the house and I guess he’s not feeling super creative, so I offered him macaroni, or hamburger helper.  He HATES macaroni, and got mildly offended that I even offered it, but tbh, I offered it because I know he hates it, and I wanted to irritate him.

So I got up, started browning the hamburger (which is the one thing we do have in abundance, thanks to Winco), and pulled out the box from the cupboard.

See, I knew we had a box of hamburger helper in the cupboard.  What I did know know is that it was cheeseburger macaroni.  Which is pretty much exactly what I’d have done if I’d made macaroni.  Beef, peas, macaroni and cheese.  Done.  Guess what we’re having for dinner?

Then I asked what else he wanted with his macaroni, while he was grumbling at me about it.  He asked what we have to drink.  We have Sunny-D.  Which he may be allergic to.

I told him maybe he should have made his own dinner so this could have been avoided, and then threatened to make meatloaf tomorrow.  So now he’s ignoring me.

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