Tony/Phil relationship

Jun. 26th, 2017 04:26 pm
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Posted by michael_the_car

I have just re-watched the Avengers for the millionth time and the scenario still flashes out at me even though I can't remember reading any fic along this particular line.

The more I watch it, the more it becomes obvious that Tony and Phil are in a relationship... ie Fury telling Cap and Tony that Phil is dead, then Tony and Cap talking at Phil's scene of death... Tony's reaction is more than just hearing a colleague has just died. So please, has any anyone heard of this kind of fic?

Searching for a Pacific Rim Crossover

Jun. 26th, 2017 05:57 am
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Posted by monicaop

Hi, well, I have been searching for a Pacific Rim crossover for more than a year, I even posted here in December of 2015

I'm still searching for this fic and similar ones, I already searched Ao3 and in any way I could think of mixing Pacific Rim and Marvel.

The one I'm searching for has Bruce as a pilot but he only gets to fight when everything is going awful 'cause he can't control himself, and I'm not sure if it's the same one or another one, Loki is a pilot and is trying to connect with the kaijus and control them.

Bruce is not the Hulk and Loki is not a Norse god, they are just pilots, but Bruce was severely damaged and has a condition that makes him dangerous to use the Jeager, but also is a true strong warrior!!

Please help me with this!! Be well, Monica

Edit: Not Found Yet
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Posted by morbane

In the last four weeks, there have been two works added to the New Year's Resolution collection. Enjoy!

Early Morning Interlude (317 words) by Calacious
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Back to the Future (Movies)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Emmett "Doc" Brown/Marty McFly
Characters: Marty McFly, Emmett "Doc" Brown
Additional Tags: Light & Fluffy, Triple Drabble, Future Fic, Gift Fic

It's five a.m. and Marty's talking nonsense in his sleep. Doc couldn't be happier.

ain't no shortcuts home (11768 words) by dirty_diana
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Killjoys (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Dutch & D'avin Jaqobis, D'avin Jaqobis & Johnny Jaqobis, Dutch & Johnny Jaqobis, Dutch & Johnny Jaqobis & D'avin Jaqobis
Characters: Dutch (Killjoys), D'avin Jaqobis, Johnny Jaqobis
Additional Tags: Age Regression/De-Aging, D'avin adopts a cat, D'avin is an excellent babysitter, Interplanetary Travel, extravehicular activity, Brothers, Action/Adventure, Post-Season/Series 02, Cats, Male-Female Friendship

D'avin accidentally adopts a kitten. Dutch accidentally gets turned into a wary pre-teen girl. The Quad is on the brink of war, Johnny is still mourning his murdered lover, and the Jaqobis brothers are just trying to keep the chaos aboard Lucy under control.

D'avin has no idea what he's doing. But that part is pretty normal.

Until assignments are sent out (approximately) for Yuletide 2017, the New Year's Resolution collection (2017 edition) is open for writers to submit fics based on prompts from previous Yuletides.

Writers are especially encouraged to write stories for prompts that were not filled during the main Yuletide run.

2016 prompts on AO3
Google spreadsheet of all prompts (thank you to Min)
Database of 2016's Dear Author letters (thank you to lsellersfic)
2016 prompts as a text file
Prompts from 2016's non-signed-up pinch hitters on LJ and on DW
Some Day My Fic Will Come mini-challenge - This challenge is for prompts that are posted year after year after year - see more info at the link!

Fics written for the purpose of re-qualifying for Yuletide must be posted before sign-ups begin for Yuletide 2017 (ie, before October 10). They must also be over 1,000 words and written to a previous Yuletide prompt. The fandom in which they are written must still be small enough to qualify for Yuletide (in brief: there are fewer than 1,000 fics each (that are over 1,000 words, in English, and complete) when adding the total fics on AO3 and

Someone Else raises!Loki Fic Recs

Jun. 24th, 2017 03:20 pm
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Posted by khami_doll

Hey Guys,

Does anyone have a fic where Loki is not raised by the Odin's? Doesn't matter where or by who just not them?

Also specific fic search I am Loki for this fic where in the Battle of Jotun, Lagertha (from the show Vikings) ends up finding and taking Loki and leaving I do remember Odin was perving on her which was one of the reasons she left. I know I found it somewhere in the Norse Kink Meme on Livejournal but cant remember where.
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Posted by ladyhatshepsut

Could somebody please give me the title of the story that starts out with JARVIS alerting Tony when he gets nervous about a drunk Clint on the roof too close to the edge.  Clint's not thinking about jumping but he is despondant about his lover shifting his affections to Steve without coming out and saying anything, just no being there anymore.  Tony and Clint become close, with Clint spending time with Tony in the lab and often sleeping there.  I don't thing it's Tony/Clint though.

looking for fic recs: Tony's injury

Jun. 21st, 2017 06:12 pm
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Posted by nighttiger_mid

hello, i'm looking for some fic recs. i'm looking for fics where Tony's injury due to a landmine/missile exploding in his face in Afghanistan/Vietnam/whatever isn't the canon injury (i.e. isn't a chest/heart injury and/or there were other complications besides the injury).

any 'verse is good, any relationships/pairings are good (no romance at all is also fine). AU's are also good.

if anyone's read the fics "A Bright Clear Morning" by otherhazards or "Half the Man I Used to Be but Twice the Man I Was" by pengke, those are the kinds of fics i'm looking for

Rare Male Slash Exchange - Pinch Hits

Jun. 21st, 2017 10:33 am
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Posted by rareslashex_mod

Rare Male Slash Exchange currently has three open pinch hits looking for a good home!

The deadline is Monday 31 July at 23:59 UTC.

The minimum for fanfic is 1000 words; the minimum for art is a finished piece created entirely by the artist (no icons, manips, etc.). All works must focus on the requested fandom and ship.

If you wish to claim a pinch hit, please comment on the pinch hit post on the RMSE community here, including your AO3 username and the username/number of the pinch hit you want!

Pinch Hit #5: 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS, Big Bang (Band), GOT7, Topp Dogg (Band)

Pinch Hit #6: The Vampire Diaries (TV), DC Cinematic Universe, Fast and the Furious Series, Vantage Point (2008), Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV), Bourne (Movies)

Pinch Hit #12: Law & Order: SVU, Chicago Justice (TV), Homicide: Life on the Street, Crossover Fandom
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Posted by pendrecarc

Nominations are open for the second round of the Hamiathes' Gift Exchange, a fanfiction and fanart exchange for Megan Whalen Turner's Queen's Thief books. Check out the tag set and nominate here!

The schedule for 2017:

  • Character and relationship nominations: June 14th through the 24th at 10 PM EDT

  • Signups: June 27th through July 8th, closing at 10 PM EDT

  • Assignments sent out: July 10th at the latest

  • Fanworks due: August 19th at 10 PM EDT

  • Fanworks revealed: August 26th at 10 PM EDT

  • Artists/authors revealed: September 2nd at 10 PM EDT

Links of interest:

Exchange on AO3 | Exchange on LJ | Exchange on DW | Announcements at Tumblr
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Posted by chaed313

Hi guys, looking for some longer recs, here's what I'm searching for:

MCU, Tony-centric, Pepperony (background relationship is fine, no smoochy poochie eternal love) or nothing (please no Avenger/Tony), teambuilding and friendship are ok and encouraged, Tony whump, hurt-Tony, drug abuse/alcoholism (!), arc reactor problems, PTSD, just fics where he suffers, A LOT, but if possible doesn't cry every five minutes.

Good grammar, plot, punctuation would be favorable.

Please only fics that pass the 20-30k mark so they're worth Kindle-ing.
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Posted by lovesichigo

Hello! NSFW ahead.

I'm 90% sure it was sub!Clint and Dom!Tony. Tony takes Clint to a party, he has to serve the people there (might have had inappropriate use of candy canes - they had to take it out of him as he crawled around iirc). And then Tony takes him home.

I recall reading this fic on AO3 a few months ago but I think it got deleted :(. It was unfinished at the time, had around 2 chapters. I'm not sure if it was on AvengersKink as well.

I can't remember if it was Dom!Coulson. It's been bugging me for a few days and I wish I could recall more details :(.

Thank you very much ^^!

edit: I tried tagging it as Clint & other just in case but I'm getting an error saying I can't add tags. Funnily enough, I could accidentally add but can't remove "pairing: clint/coulson" or "theme: loki (controlled)" orz. This is such a mess, I'm so sorry.

edit 2: I found it! It was Dom!Bruce and sub!Clint, wow, I was off. It's the 2nd chapter of Stuffed.

Story Link: Stuffed
Status: WIP, Chapters 2/3
Author: AstaianNymph

Stuckony mental melt and Tony/Clint

Jun. 19th, 2017 12:38 am
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Posted by bookwyrm124

Hello! So I have two stories I'm looking for:

1. Tony is in a relationship with Steve and Bucky. He makes a random comment about his "Uncle Gabe" or "Uncle D," in reference to the Howling Commandos, and Steve and/or Bucky have mental meltdowns because the just realized they would have been Tony's "Uncles" had they "survived." I seem to remember Thor making some comment about gods marrying their siblings, which really doesn't help at all, bless his heart.

2. Clint and Tony are soulmates. Clint helps Tony escape the cave and Tony finds out Clint is the person buying up SI stock (Pepper was worrying about a takeover?).

Thanks very much!
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Posted by liadtbunny


[community profile] unconventionalcourtship a panfandom fic fest where you write and post a 1000w+ fic based on a M&B/Harlequin plot is open for sign ups! Fics will be posted to this community, staggered through August and September 2017, from 18th August.
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Posted by marn13

I'm looking for a fic that takes place after civil war. The rouge avengers move back to the compound but they can't get near Tony because Doctor Strange's Cloak of Levitation keeps protecting him from the others. I think it was Doctor Strange/Tony Stark but it might have just been a friendship. Thanks for the help!
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Posted by ladyhatshepsut

There are two (unrelated) stories I've been searching for all week and I'm finally giving up and coming to you.  The first one has Tony catering a Nathan's hot dog feast as a surprise treat for Steve.  He either has Happy go and pick up the food or has one of the Nathan's cooks come to the penthouse.  Just becaue Steve said he missed the food, but you know Tony won't admit it.  :-)

In the second story it's revealed, probably through some old paperwork they find, that each of the Avengers had been exposed to versions of the serum that changed Steve Rogers' and Bruce Banner's lives so drastically.  Natasha got it through the Red Room as a child.  Clint and Barney were involved in test trials when they were young.  Howard was involved in the trials but Tony was not supposed to be given the serum.  When that was done behind Howard back, that was when Howard became neglectful and/or abusinve toward Tony.  Don't know about Thor; would he need it?

Avengers Dakimakura

Jun. 17th, 2017 04:52 pm
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Posted by kittyhelix

Trying to find this fic I read last year. Tony was on a business trip in Japan and wanted to bring back gifts for the team. He came across this shop that sold erotic body pillows. He saw some had the Avengers and Loki featured on them and bought a set. When he got back home Thor saw the Loki pillow and grabbed it. He would wander around the tower with it. It was a cute fic and I'd really like to read it again. Ring any bells? Help is appreciated thanks!


Jun. 17th, 2017 12:20 am
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Posted by khami_doll

Looking for any fics with a beserker Thor and Loki being the one to calm him.
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Posted by pricklycat


I am looking for a specific story about Steve Rogers revealing to the public that he is Captain America. This is a pretty old story post-avengers. Tony Stark helps him arrange his appearance on a TV show as a mystery guest. That's all I remember.


Found very fast by Cadenza! Thank you.
Source Code by Closer

Looking for Stucky

Jun. 15th, 2017 12:51 am
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Posted by ereshkigal_girl

I'm looking for a Stucky fic I read fairly recently (last month or so?). I think it was a dom/sub BDSM fic as opposed to A/B/O, where the bottom was so overwhelmed at the end of the scene that to stave off sub drop the top told the bottom to suck on the top's nipple and it calmed the bottom down. (It's not as weird as I'm making it sound, it was really moving!)

I feel like Bucky was the bottom but I'm not comfortable enough in that to say for sure.

Thank you so much in advance!

Edit: Found it! Call me Maybe by xantissa and Cleo4u2:
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Posted by walmer92


I'm looking for a 616 fic written after Steve's resurrection and Tony waking up from the mindwipe. It takes place while Tony is creating Resilient and Steve is (I think) Commander Rogers, rather than Captain America. Steve and Tony end up getting together, but while Steve thinks they're a couple, Tony assumes that it's a friends with benefits situation, even though he wants more, because he doesn't think Steve could possibly want to be with him. He ends up getting really confused every time Steve shows up, and tries really hard not to be too 'coupley' with him, but isn't very successful. Steve eventually finds out, and they sort everything out. If you know this fic I'd be very grateful if you could tell me where to find it! Thanks!



Jun. 14th, 2017 10:27 am
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Posted by remyquinton

Just wondering if anyone knows of a fic where Bucky is a spy (maybe Steve is too, not sure) and they work for different agencies? I'm pretty sure I found it through Tumblr as it had gifs for the attached fic.

Also if anyone can help find some of the prvious fics I was looking for that would be a great help (link below)

Thanks in advance


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