Mar. 19th, 2016

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This may be a poor idea, but it seems like something worth trying.  But I’ve just started a Fanfic Book Club on GoodReads.  Why GoodReads?  Because it’s already big and established, so there’s no worry that it will suddenly disappear one day, and the message-board format easily lends to multiple discussions at once.  I considered sticking this up on DW, but it seemed like it might have the potential to get really spammy, if this takes off, given the multi-fandom nature of it.

Check it out, start up a club, invite your friends.  I’ll probably be starting up one soon, as soon as I find something to read.

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I've set myself a goal of 365,000 words for 2016, either fanfic or original fic. I'll update this as I think to.

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