Mar. 22nd, 2016

Ow Ow Ow

Mar. 22nd, 2016 04:59 am
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I shouldn’t be left alone!  Yay!  I just broke my toe trying to take a bath!  Yay!


Tried making home-made ravioli today.  I’ve never made my own pasta, but it turned out pretty good.  It turns out making pasta is almost exactly like making lefse, right down to the stupid, vague-ass instructions.  “Do this until it feels done.”  Okay!  What does done feel like?  And then when you’ve added enough stuff to the flour (be it egg or mashed potato), you gotta roll that shit out paper thin.  Paaaaaaper thin.  And you wonder, is this thin enough?  And it isn’t.  Keep going, loser.  

Pretty much that’s the only point at which it becomes a different process.  The lefse is thrown on the griddle and cooked right there.  The ravioli is cut up and stuffed and glued together with egg, and then boiled.  But everything before?  Totes lefse.  I definitely want to start making my own pasta more often, though.  Maybe not, like, all the time, but more often.  It was fun, and took for fucking ever, and it turns out that a pound of beef was way too much, so now we’ve got some browned, eggy, garlicy, cheesy mince in the fridge, and trying to figure out what to do with it.  

My appointment with the doctor is on Wednesday, and Kaiser has been calling and emailing and texting me pretty much non-stop since I set it up.  Kaiser REALLY wants to talk to me, apparently.  Also, I got a bill this week from my ER visit back in January, so that’s something I get to deal with now.  It’s only $400, but it’s kind of $400 I don’t just have available.  I should be able to do it in pieces, though.  Or at least, that’s how they’re getting it from me, whether they like it or not.  I’m still trying to get my credit cards paid down from having to max them out when we moved, and auuugh.  And I’ll have to pay for this visit on Wednesday, and at least my cards are paid down enough that I can use them.  Augh.

Also, my toe really fucking hurts, and Robin Hood’s kind of put out that I’ve been kicking him out of bed as it is, because I can’t sleep on account of my arms falling asleep almost as soon as I relax at all.  I’m gonna try the sofa bed tonight, and see if the slightly sitting up position helps any.

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