Mar. 30th, 2016

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I can’t believe how big my potato is already.  I moved it to a bigger home today, and it was already becoming pot bound.  It’s barely been in there more than a week.  Damn, potato.

Look at how big it is already though.  It’s probably going to outgrow this pot as well, but I’ve got a little more time to find a properly big one.  Then when the potato’s done, I’ll probably find a tree to plant or something.

Also finished the drawing I’ve been working on forever.  I’ve been playing around with OBS and livestreaming on Picarto, as well as starting up a YouTube channel for time lapses.  I call them speedpaints, but they’re not, really.  Speedpainting is far beyond the realm of my ability.

It didn’t turn out as nice as I’d have liked, but I got way too ambitious with it, and burnt out really quickly.  Multiplying shadows from three light sources sounded like a fun idea, but it was just hell.  Pure hell.  I’m gonna let that one sit in the back of my mind for a while before trying again.

If you want to see the last few hours of work, condensed into 20 minutes, click here.

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It’s probably missing.  I can’t figure out how to make it so links and multiple images cross-post.  It’s all done through post-by-email, which for some reason strips out all my links, and only ever gives you the first image in a post.

So if you’re reading on LJ or DW, you can always get the full post by clicking on the crosspost link at the bottom.  

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As I was on my way to the supermarket across the street, my clinic called and asked if I could be in there at 3pm.  I said sure, skipped the supermarket, and walked down to the clinic.  Which was kind of dumb, because I then got to walk ten blocks in the heat, wearing a hoodie.  So I was pretty gross by the time I got there.  But I got poked at some more, and my test results from last week got examined.  There are some abnormalities in some of them, but normal abnormalities, I guess.  They weren’t in the “perfect” range, but they weren’t off by enough to mean anything.  

But after some more poking and considering, I was given a referral for neurology, for a nerve study, which will either confirm and exclude the doctor’s theories that it might be neuropathy.  They’re gonna call me tomorrow to schedule it, and boy, I’m not looking forward to that.  At the same time, it’s an answer?  Maybe? I mean, any diagnosis was probably never going to be a nice one, but I guess there are worse that could have come up.  In the meantime, I am to take a mountain of ibuprofen with every meal, so I stopped at the teryaki shack across the street before stopping into the supermarket to get the milk and cream cheese I needed, along with the mountain of ibuprofen I’ve been prescribed.

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