Mar. 31st, 2016

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Mar. 31st, 2016 07:47 am
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Little something I’m working on.  About four hours in so far, because I’m slow as balls.  Probably got at least another two left before I’m even done inking.


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The topic of fic archives has been coming up on meme a lot lately, particularly in relation to how difficult it is to actually find the fic you want to find.  Some people suggested browsing the bookmarks of authors they like, but that’s really no guarantee that you’ll find anything you want, either.

So, here’s the Collection Initiative. AO3 has collections, but they mostly seem to be used for exchanges and fests.  If you’re a collection maintainer for one whose sole purpose is to just collect fic for a similar theme, I invite you to list your collection at the DW community, and spread the word for others to do so as well.

Hopefully, we can get the ball rolling, and bring back those fic archives and character-specific LJ comms of yore.

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How to Train Your Norse Trickster God

Tasertricks. Darcy's Stockholm syndrome adventure.

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When the Dust Settles

Thor and Loki are both banished to Midgard.

Individual Chapter Notes

I've set myself a goal of 365,000 words for 2016, either fanfic or original fic. I'll update this as I think to.

84,698 / 365,000


I'm also aiming for a million words overall:

902,870 / 1,000,000

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