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Mar. 9th, 2016 09:24 pm
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I guess there’s been some confusion about what I said regarding AO3 recently.  I’ve never intended to delete that account, or my FFN account.  I’m just strongly considering no longer posting in the serialised way I’ve been posting.  I’ll probably still post serialised installments to my WP blog, and then once everything’s done, start uploading it all en masse to AO3 and FFN.  I’m probably going to even do the same with Isla Nublar.  I’ve got a little tiny bit at the end that still needs to be tweaked before I upload it, but I may wind up sticking it up here today.  At least up until the last two chapters, which I really badly need to finish so I can start working on other things.  Like Midgard Legends, for WIP Big Bang.  I’ve also got a request fic that I need to finish, and my Trope Bingo stuff.  I’ve actually made some headway on the first of my Trope Bingo fics, but I’m struggling to decide how I want to present it.  It’s another fic sort of in the style of Superhero RPF, where it’s not really a fic at all, but a bunch of other stuff pretending to be a fic.  So formatting is going to be a bitch.


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How to Train Your Norse Trickster God

Tasertricks. Darcy's Stockholm syndrome adventure.

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When the Dust Settles

Thor and Loki are both banished to Midgard.

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I've set myself a goal of 365,000 words for 2016, either fanfic or original fic. I'll update this as I think to.

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I'm also aiming for a million words overall:

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