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I’ve got an Audible subscription.  It’s pretty much the only way I can get any “reading” done these days, since I’m a terribly slow reader, and have way too much else going on.  It’s somewhere around $25 a month, and that $25 gets me two downloads, plus a decent discount on anything I buy beyond those first two.  I figured this would be a bit of a break-even deal at first, but no.  Really no.

I didn’t redeem last month’s credits, so here’s $50 worth of books, and at least two or three months’ worth of listening.  The Holmes collection alone is worth it.  In fact, I think the Hot Zone there is the first one I’ve grabbed that’s been more than a few cents less than my subscription fee.

Also, the last thing I expected was to see Kareem Abdul-Jabbar writing Sherlock Holmes pastiche.  I gotta see what this is all about.  Fleeing from the Sherlock fandom sort of meant fleeing from the Sherlock Holmes fandom in general, so I had no idea this was a thing.  So, here we go.  This is my entertainment for the next decade all sorted, I think.  I’ve still got a few on my list from previous months I haven’t got to, but it’s nice to know that even when my YouTube subs death-faded, I’ll have something to keep me entertained while still.

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