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I think that’s the word for what I’ve been feeling lately.  A ridiculous, intense amount of burnout from all the stress earlier this year.  I feel like I need to just take some time off from everything, pick up a new, entirely unrelated hobby from everything I do, and put a few days into it.  I’ve been kind of interested in making my own little notebooks and journals lately, and kind of want to try that.  But I really can’t justify going out to buy the glue for it.

But I’ve sort of reached this point where nothing is holding my interest, and I can’t even get the drive to do the things I need to do.  Every time I start in on something, I get bored almost immediately.  My kitchen’s starting to get a bit over-run, but I also kind of don’t care.  bleh.

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That does sound like burnout. I hope the break helps you recharge.


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