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Mar. 15th, 2016 07:19 am
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I gesso’ed some old canvases today, and tried a few things with them.  One was complete write-off, and will have to be sanded and re-gesso’ed if I want to use it.  Considering all of my canvases are reclaimed anyway, I’m not terribly bothered.

But I pretty much had the sort of day that you’re just completely done with by the time lunch rolls around.  The sandpaper that I thought I had was just an old sandpaper package, so with the first layer on the canvases, I had to run out to the auto parts store to grab some new.  And beginning to end, it just wasn’t going right.  I must be shedding more than usual lately, because there were blue hairs stuck to every one of the canvases, and it seemed like every time I turned around, someone had sprinkled dirt on them.  I’m totally out of gesso and white paint now, so actually doing any painting is going to have to wait.  I buy my gesso in these big, pre-mixed buckets, but because the canvases are reclaimed, I also add white acrylic paint to it to make it a little more opaque.

And I’m out of gesso and white paint because I stepped in my bowl and spilled it everywhere.  I managed to get it cleaned up before it dried and stained up the carpet, but it wasn’t a great start to my day.  

For lunch, I was heating up some leftovers.  But first, I had to water the plants, and wound  up spilling one of them all over the stove, so I had to clean out the burner.  And then, because I’ve been on Mars all week, I wasn’t paying attention and turned on the wrong burner, and shattered a plate that was sitting on the stove.  I heard something weird, and turned around just in time to see it explode into a million pieces and scare the shit out of me.  So I had to clean that burner out, and surprisingly managed not to slice my hand off.

I decided I should get the hell out of the kitchen at that point, and fled to my work room, to wait for the canvases to dry.  I started getting a dye bath together, so I could cold-dye something (which is still actually quite hot).  As I was moving the dye bath to the table I wanted it on, I had a huge muscle spasm in my leg, and wound up covered in hot, brown dye.  At that point, I gave up and went to my room to sulk for a while.  About an hour ago, I decided I was hungry and should probably have dinner.  And in the process of cooking macaroni and cheese, I managed to smash up a bowl.  One second it was in my hand, and then the next, it was crashing into the edge of the counter and exploding glass everywhere.  I still have managed to avoid being cut, and I do not know how.

I really want to take a bath right now, but I’m afraid I’ll break my neck, or drown, or something stupid.  Everyone’s all worried about me being here alone during the week, because what if someone breaks in?  I’m pretty sure I’m a bigger threat to myself than anyone else is right now.

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Date: 2016-03-15 10:50 am (UTC)
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That sounds like such a terrible fucking day :(

Date: 2016-03-15 05:53 pm (UTC)
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Lol some days we're really a hazard to ourselves, aren't we? XD


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