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Zagg iPad cases are such crap.  I love how it effectively turns my iPad into a netbook, but I’m on my second one in less than five months.  And it’s breaking in exactly the same places the first one broke.  The warranty replacement on the first one went smoothly enough, but I don’t want to keep doing that every few months, even if they do let me.  I’ve got a Belkin case as a spare, which I’ll start using when this one dies completely, but I hate the keyboard on it.  It doesn’t work right if you set your iPad to any language other than US English, which is just annoying.  

I managed to catch the problem before it completely fell apart like the last one did, and just slapped some duct tape on, hoping to keep it in one piece.  It means I had to put duct tape on my iPad itself, because of the way the case is shaped, but a little sticky residue on a part that doesn’t actually have any input function is ignoreable.  But it keeps breaking right at the hinge, making it impossible to open or close the case without the iPad flinging itself off into the void or breaking my nose.  It hasn’t done that since I put the tape on it.  It’s also stopped squeaking now that the tape is on it – the plastic against plastic at the hinge would squeak and creak every time a key was pressed, from the tiny amount of wiggle the iPad would do.  It probably still has that tiny wiggle, but it’s plastic against softer rubber, so it’s silent!

Other than complaining about expensive things being cheaply made, I’ve got a few things I need to do today.  I’ve got a bunch of new things to list on my Etsy shop, as well as re-design the shop now that they’ve launched the tools to do that.  I’ll also be turning off cross-posting for a while and uploading more fic.  On my list of things I want to do this week, we’ve got a coffee table that we dug out of a dumpster many, many years ago.  There’s nothing wrong with it, aside from the fact that the previous owners scribbled all over it with Sharpie.  It’s kind of funky, in an ugly sort of way, and I’m ready for a change.  I’m thinking I might sand it down and stain it green or blue or something.  This time, I’ll remember to do before and after pics.

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