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My mum’s not allowed to know that I’m taking some time off, because then she’ll want me to go down to Portland.  Which I feel like would be the opposite of relaxing.  Robin Hood even told me to take some time off, so I’m probably a bit more of a mess right now than I realised.  But I spent pretty much all day today messing around with WordPress, and not actually doing anything productive.  Probably not the best way to spend time, but I needed a day where I just sat and did mostly nothing.  No crafts, no shop stuff.  Just playing with my blog settings and figuring some new stuff out.  

Like figuring out, for instance, how to get my stats and posts to actually display in my time zone, and not tick over at 4pm.  Because that was getting old as balls.  I thought I’d changed my time zone settings, but apparently that was just for the comments?  IDK.  But it’s fixed now, and my stats and stuff are now accurate.  It also wound up fucking up a huge amount of posts that I’d made today, throwing them into a scheduled state that I couldn’t actually get them out of until about a half hour before they were scheduled to re-post.  And I was only able to do that because I gave up and just backdated them all.  I was sick of being at my desk, and wanted to turn cross-posting back on, so it seemed worth it.  It was just fic posts that probably annoy my WP followers anyway.

I also finally got a tag list, instead of that ugly fucking cloud.  Who even likes tag clouds, really?  But it’s actually a category list, but frankly I’m not really sure why I need categories AND tags.  I can see why other people might, but I’m not running that sort of blog.  So I converted all the tags to categories, edited all 200 posts on this blog to reflect that, and deleted all the tags.  I think it looks much better now, and actually does what I wanted the tags to do all along.

But I’ve finished posting Isla Nublar, and got Trickster God and When The Dust Settles all updated to the points that they’re updated to AO3.  I’m going to put my energy into finishing Midgard Legends first, since it’s on a deadline, before I start working on Trickster God again.  I’ve only got eight chapters of Midgard Legends to go, so it shouldn’t take too long.  I may even be done with it by the time artist claiming rolls around.  So, that’ll be nice.

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Date: 2016-03-18 05:49 am (UTC)
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I hate tag clouds...for my recs I like the bundles pinboard offers.


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