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You can find a link to the fic in the sidebar to the right.  There’ll be a brief delay between this post going up, and the fic being updated.

So, I hadn’t planned on having them spend this long in quarantine, but I have a feeling this is going to turn into a huge beast of a fic if I’m four chapters in already and still at the CDC.  Nothing’s going well for anybody, and everything sucks.  

I don’t usually like to do rotating POV fics, because something about them tends to drive me nuts.  I think it’s the inherent contradictions you get between narrators.  The way Coulson sees things isn’t the way Jane sees things.  It’s often hard to get across that this is intentional, and I feel like if they’re missing, there’s really no point in using rotating POVs, and you might as well just be straight out third omniscient.  So, that’s where I am with that.  I feel like any third limited narrator is going to be unreliable by default, and some of these narrators are going to be more unreliable than others.

Loki especially is going to be the most unreliable of all of them, but that should be a foregone conclusion.  I’m considering adding a few more names to my list of POV characters, including Sitwell and Roz, but I’m not sure.  I have five right now, and that feels like enough?  At the same time, more characters will be coming and going, so adding more to the list will probably happen regardless.

But about Loki in particular, this fic is going to wind up just a massive pile of tropey id-scratchings from his POV, I think.  His is actually the most cohesive story of the five so far, partially because I am just letting myself run wild with the tropes this time.  What I have so far of Thor’s is kind of all over the place, and full of douchebag!Thor, so that’ll be fun as well.  f

Also, one thing I’m doing now, in posting stuff here first before it ever goes to AO3 or FFN, is sort of putting up a first preview.  Chapters will have gone through at least an initial first-pass, but I’m a lot more open to changing stuff that needs to be changed at this point.  The problem with changing it after it’s gone up is that I like the versions to be the same between AO3 and FFN, and it’s a massive ballache to edit anything on FFN once it’s been posted, so I just never bother.  There’s a typo on page 247?  Welp.  It’s not worth fixing that on FFN, so it’s part of the fic’s ultimate design now.  And this keyboard typos a lot.  It has a serious vendetta against W in particular.

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Date: 2016-03-21 09:32 pm (UTC)
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W for Vendetta? ...Hm.

Good luck with the fic. Massive unreliability is one of the best parts of Loki as narrator.


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