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Jesus fucking Christ, I don’t like doing anything with actual children.  Online gaming, especially.  hur hur, so funny, let’s spawn camp you so the mobs don’t despawn, and then ClearLag deletes all your shit that you keep dropping because there are 80000 skeletons in your front yard.

Between that, and the server being hilariously unbalanced, that was the least fun I’ve ever had trying to play a game.  I spent the entire time running back from spawn, because there was no /back command, so I could never remember where I died.  By the time I did set up a base (right outside of spawn so I could fucking find it again), some little 12 year old cunt stole all my shit and then sat on my roof, throwing snowballs at me.

Goddamn, there really are no good Vanilla Minecraft servers anymore.  And now I’m angry over a stupid game.

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