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I woke up this morning, and realised I had accidentally ruined my last few tootsie pops by accidentally dropping the bag they’re in into my water when I went to bed.  Kind of annoying, but they’re like, twenty cents each down at Winco.  I buy them by the pound.  But I was making noise about it, and Robin Hood made this big, dramatic frown at me, and said that if I’m good at my doctor’s appointment, he’ll buy me a new one.  What an ass.

But my appointment’s in a few hours.  I was worried that with the huge wait, by the time I got to my appointment, that the problem would have gone away on its own.  My lymph nodes went away for a while, but they came back last night.  And my left arm in particular is numb as fuck today.  It’s weird to be glad that a problem is persisting, but at least I actually have a valid complaint, instead of “well, it was bugging me last week…”  

I’ve got a stack of stuff I need to send out today, which I should have done yesterday, but sleep deprivation from this whole thing is making it really hard to concentrate.  And doing orders isn’t really something one should be doing on half a brain.  Bah.

In other, less doomsdayish news, Marvel Bang is starting up soon.  I’ve participated in the past as an artist, but I think this year, I want to do it as an author.  I know, I’ve got so many other WIPs going right now, but Midgard Legends might actually finish before artist claiming even starts for WIP Big Bang, the way I’m going with that, and I’m working on When the Dust Settles on the side.  Having a WIP that’s not being posted probably won’t really affect anything.  The problem is I’m not sure what I’ll actually do.  There’s a Thorki arranged marriage idea I’ve had for a while, and I’ve also got something I want to do with Justin Hammer, which probably won’t be long enough for a big bang.  IDK, what is the length requirement for Marvel Big Bang?  Does anyone know?  I’ll probably still do the arranged marriage one, just because it’s most likely to annoy people, and therefore most likely to be the one I have more fun with.  

I’ve missed doing Big Bangs.  WIP Big Bang just made a post last night, showing all the different fandoms and pairings involved this year, and there were a hell of a lot of sign-ups.  I’m looking forward to seeing what the list looks like once everyone’s signed up.  But yeah, I want to get that fic done as soon as I can.  Which will be a lot easier if my arms don’t fall off, so here’s hoping.

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