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Mar. 23rd, 2016 11:04 pm
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I’ve friended a lot of people lately, so I guess I should probably do an intro post. You’d think after 12 years, I’d have figured out how to do these things, but I never have got the hang of it.

My name’s Miles.  I’m 30.  I’m getting fat because I like to cook.  I post a lot of food on my Instagram, if you like that kind of thing.  I’m married, I have a pet shark that’s against the terms of my lease, and I run an Etsy shop for embroidery.

You’re probably going to find a fairly even blend (I think) of fandom bullshit and personal stuff on here.  Fandom-wise, I’m only really active in the MCU/Marvel comics.  I write fic, but every now and then I’ll post artwork as well.  Mostly, I stick to the Thor side of things.  Outside of comics and Marvel movies, my primary entertainment source is YouTube.  I watch a lot of channels where professional video game players play games they don’t know how to play.  I really like the Yogscast, and I like the Game Grumps, and have a few others sprinkled in there.  I also watch some really odd channels that basically boil down to people having more irritating hobbies than mine.  Ashens and My Virgin Kitchen are favourites.  331Erock and PelleK are fun, and I watch this silent survivalist and a guy who does horrible things to CDs with a lathe.  I live for the December Jingle Jam.  I took actual time off work to watch parts of that last year.

The embroidery that I do probably can’t be called traditional by any stretch of the imagination.  I haven’t been doing much at all this month, because of convoluted health reasons, but I like to do complicated tapestry projects.

Things like this.  This was fun.  I’ve always got about 4000 things going at once, which means nothing ever gets finished. It’s a habit I’m trying to break.  I tried to take a picture of my shark, but he’s hiding and won’t come out.  And I lost a bunch of my pictures recently, because of an iCloud cock-up.  I am le sad about that.

The stuff I like to cook is many and varied.  Lots of Scandinavian stuff.  Goat cheese is great with everything.  Lots of soups and stews and pastas.  If it looks fun and interesting, I’ll try it.  I had to learn to cook out of necessity, since I’ve got food allergies of a sort that make nearly anything pre-processed kind of deathy.  It makes going out to eat a particular adventure, especially after moving to a new area.  Because then, we have to go on a restaurant tour of the entire area while I find which restaurants are actually safe, and which items on the menu are safe.  Considering I was recently nearly killed by macaroni and cheese, this is not a fun process.  It also means that going on vacation pretty much limits me to finding somewhere that does like, fish and chips or something, since you have to have your head pretty far up your ass to over-complicate that to the point that it becomes a risk for me.

I complain.  A lot.  Mostly about how much I hurt.  Just a heads up there, since I hurt a lot, which is why I complain a lot.  I’ve got back and knee problems, And when I was living in Portland, would fairly regularly run into people who tried to kick me out of my seat on the bus because they only saw a young person, and didn’t see the cane I was holding.  There’s a special place in hell for those people.  It’s the place where all the chairs are covered in very sharp needles.

Uh.  Not sure what else to put here.  But hello to all my new followers!  I look forward to getting to know you!

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