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So, I spent the day yesterday getting poked and bled and x-rayed and everything else, and my doctor put a rush through on all the results.  I’ve got most of them back, it looks like, and while the x-ray and the first few tests were clear, the ones that came in over night were… not.  There’s a lot of high and abnormal values, which I’m not sure I understand.  I was starting to get kind of annoyed last night looking at all the clear tests, because it was pretty much putting me back to “what the fuck is going on, then?”  Of course, now I’m at “well what the fuck does that mean?”

Here’s hoping he calls me back soon, once he’s had a time to look at everything.  The clinic’s only about 10 blocks away, so I’ll walk down there if I have to, since Robin Hood goes back to work today.

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