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I’m starting a new project today, to help keep me busy.  Kind of like fic remixes, but also really not.  I picked out a few short fics to start with (one 4k, and one 6k), and I’m going to attempt to turn them into comics.  Drawing seems low-impact enough that it doesn’t mess with me too much, so it’s pretty much all I’ve been able to do to keep from going nuts.  Of course, now I’m stuck at the issue of hosting, because the two fics on my list so far are both PWPs, because hey.  That’s the only kind of short fic I could find that also had elements that would be visually interesting.  Maybe the OTW might finally sort out image hosting on AO3.
Ha.  hahahahaha.  Maybe by the time I’m 50, when they finally announce they’ll be coming out of beta in five years.

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Here’s a thing I’ve started to do, for any artists who watch me.  Pre-made Do-Anything backgrounds/scenery.  

You can get them individually (as I do them) for 500 points on deviantART.  Or, as a patron of $5 or more on Patreon, get access to all backgrounds.

On deviantART.

On Patreon.

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Art Post

Apr. 1st, 2016 08:44 am
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Kind of a ridiculous one, at that.

It has some problems, some of which I may choose to fix before I colourit.

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WIP Post

Mar. 31st, 2016 07:47 am
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Little something I’m working on.  About four hours in so far, because I’m slow as balls.  Probably got at least another two left before I’m even done inking.


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I can’t believe how big my potato is already.  I moved it to a bigger home today, and it was already becoming pot bound.  It’s barely been in there more than a week.  Damn, potato.

Look at how big it is already though.  It’s probably going to outgrow this pot as well, but I’ve got a little more time to find a properly big one.  Then when the potato’s done, I’ll probably find a tree to plant or something.

Also finished the drawing I’ve been working on forever.  I’ve been playing around with OBS and livestreaming on Picarto, as well as starting up a YouTube channel for time lapses.  I call them speedpaints, but they’re not, really.  Speedpainting is far beyond the realm of my ability.

It didn’t turn out as nice as I’d have liked, but I got way too ambitious with it, and burnt out really quickly.  Multiplying shadows from three light sources sounded like a fun idea, but it was just hell.  Pure hell.  I’m gonna let that one sit in the back of my mind for a while before trying again.

If you want to see the last few hours of work, condensed into 20 minutes, click here.

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You can find it here.


LJ/DW will have to copy/paste.

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These threads come up on deviantART from time to time, and it always amazes me to see the improvement and stagnation in other artists.  Somehow, miraculously, I still have a drawing from I think 2002.  So I put it next to the most recent drawing I finished, which was done some time last year.  I was wrong.  Apparently I didn’t finish anything last year, and it’s from 2014.  So, twelve years of improvement.  Are you ready to see it?

Damn.  Just… damn.  I kind of want to do a “re-draw it” challenge now.  Just to see what Mario and Luigi would look like today.

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I’ve actually been drawing.  Because drawing seems to be just about the only activity I can handle.  I’d forgotten all about the Picarto account I have, so I dusted that off and did a little bit of streaming tonight. I was working on something I’ve been working on for about a month, but this is the point I got it up to:

I’m trying something a little daring with it.  Three-point perspective, with multiple light sources.  Not something I’ve done properly before, so we’ll see how it goes.  I’m hoping, more than anything else, that the lighting makes this a little more interesting, because compositionally, it’s a bit boring, I think.

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I’m streaming right now, since it seems like drawing is actually an okay thing to do. I probably still won’t last long, but you can watch me draw for a while at least. 


(You’ll have to copy and paste on LJ/DW.)

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