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Woo, it’s done!  I was kind of starting to think it would never be finished, but here it is.  All 24 chapters of it.  The last two will be posted very shortly.

So, there’s a lot going on over those last few chapters, and I didn’t do individual notes for them, because I kind of just wanted to get everything up as quickly as possible.

I’m not 100% sure about the ending, and part of that is because of how I set up the relationship.  It’s… well, not the best relationship, if I’m honest.  It’s the kind of fic that I’d normally start around right here, and then go into all the ways in which Darcy has terrible taste in men.  I was saying at some point before that it has the potential to go one of two ways, with either Loki coming to really resent Darcy for being the breadwinner, or coming to take absolute advantage of that.  But it’s not that kind of fic, so have a happily-for-now ending.  I was bound to write one eventually.

Another thing I’ve joked about in the past is how, if not for Jane, Darcy and Loki would have been fucking by about chapter six.  The scene with the lotion was totally going to end in sex if Jane didn’t step in when she did.  I kind of wanted to bring that back, just because the image amuses me.

There’s a lot from the books in these last few chapters, and I actually kind of struggled to not include Hammond’s death as one of those details.  There was a brief moment, when Darcy’s going through her spooky packet, where I almost wanted to put that in there, but ultimately decided not to.  But raptor bites making people bug-nut delirious was something that I felt was sorely lacking from the movie.  I also wasn’t sure how to handle Malcolm’s retconning, so I just totally glossed over everything in the end.

Who sent the pack?  I’m actually not sure.  Definitely someone who worked for InGen, and probably in Mission Control at the park.  But it was actually one of the first details I outlined, because I like that sort of spooky element.  

For the wrap-up: I don’t think Thor and Loki ever do reconcile.  And I do think this is going to affect everything else in the long-term.  Darcy and Jane are going to stubbornly pretend that the men in their lives don’t fucking hate each other, but it’s always going to be there. I think Darcy’s pretty happy where she is in her career, and don’t really see her persuing any actual reporting position.  Loki’s snakes are a wildcard.  Darcy went from cautiously curious to hating them, which is a problem, but an understandable one, I think.  She might be able to come round, and she might not.  I’m not sure.  We’ll see, I guess.  It’ll probably come down to her frame of mind when she finds the huge bag of frozen mice in the freezer.

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You can find a link to the fic in the sidebar to the right.  There will be a brief delay between these notes going up, and the fic updating on AO3.

Bye, James.  You were fun while you lasted.  Sorry for your pointlessly gruesome death.

Since people have been asking, the dinosaurs are not raptors of any variety, but metricanthosaurus – dinosaurs similar in shape and build to the T-rex, but around the size of the Utah raptor.  I don’t know why the park website lists nearly all of the predators in this part of the island, but they do.  And it’s stupid, because you just know that eventually, someone would manage to sneak off and get separated, and become dino food.

Also, why the park site lists two amphibious predators in the river is beyond me.  Nothing about this park has been thought through, which has been a common thread throughout the entire fic.  Partially because of how much it’s pissed me off as I’ve been working on it.

There also seems to be a weird amount of confusion regarding the timeline and plot structure for this fic, so I’ll clear that up here.  It was never meant to be a find+replace canon rewrite type of fusion.  I’ve never liked those, where the characters from canon A get slotted into the roles for the characters from canon B.  Those are boring to me.  I’ve seen canon B; why would I want to see it with the names replaced?  But this does take place during the movie.  Everything that happens during the movie happens in this reality.  Masrani just crashed his helicopter into the aviary and let loose a bunch of angry pteranadons and dimorphodons.  Most of them went to the boardwalk where all the people were, but I figure some of them probably veered off in other directions.  Like to the east.  So, those who were saying that they couldn’t think of any way out of the tree that didn’t involve a helicopter – you were kind of right, in a really convoluted, Rube Goldberg way, I guess.

On actual notes for the chapter, we finally get to see some emotion from Loki.  He’s learned to hide his emotions and just bottle every thing up, but there’s only so much room for everything, especially right now.  Pretending nothing’s bothering him is an old game at this point.  He’s good at it.  But Darcy’s also making it hard to keep pretending.  He’s no stranger to violence – he did go to prison for a violent crime – so he comes into this fairly desensitised already.  But Darcy’s exposure to danger, through the proxy of her job, has had almost the opposite effect on her.  Early on, she complained about being nervous just getting home at night.  She’s seen people die right in front of her, and she’s handling it about as well as one would expect to handle surviving a massacre.  She’s losing energy fast, and the shock is starting to wear off, and that’s making it difficult to keep thinking about the important things.  She can’t just turn off her empathy, however much she may want to.  But at the same time, Loki’s right.  They don’t have time for empathy.  Empathy isn’t going to get them out of the jungle.  Not alive, anyway.


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